Throughout our business development we have opted for the investment in state of the art machinery and technology, but without losing the essence of the traditional recipe of the elaboration of the chocolate. A thorough control over the production process is ensured and, at the same time, we maintain the unbeatable flavour, essence and high quality of our products.

Our machinery is fully renovated and we have suppliers of recognized prestige in the chocolate industry. This has enabled us to evolve progressively up to a production of 1,500 tons per month.


We have a workforce of over 100 employees and are proud of the fact that our work philosophy and knowledge is handed down from generation to generation.
Our team of professionals undertake their work effectively, convinced of the utter

importance of a motivating and respectful work environment.
The coordination of our staff, together with facilities equipped with state of the art technology, gives rise to the current situation of growth and expansion of this company.